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RGW company

RGW was established in 2007 in the town of Ludwigsburg, in the west of Germany. It specializes in the manufacture of shower screens and has two production bases which employ over 185 employees. The company’s facilities occupy an area of 23000 square meters and are equipped with the modern German production machinery, automatic drilling, cutting etc. 95% of production is exported to various European countries and America. 5% is marketed domestically in the second level communities which are mostly trophy hotels and top neighborhoods.

For a number of years the company has been developing technological innovations, implementing reforms, putting new equipment into service and providing training for the operating staff. RGW invests in researching and developing of new products, increases manufacturing investments and innovations. In the last few years the company has received applied technology patents by the score in EU and China. The company’s priority is considering the customers’ needs and demands when creating the new technology and science-based products, developing of the latest shower room models.